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Hair removal sponge

Hair removal sponge

Product Detail

Texture sponge;

The main efficacy easily remove the arm hair, legs and back hair, andcan go horny and dead skin oh

Treasurer recommended

This section of hair removal sponges are star recommendation, a lot of crush because of excessive body hair and distress

And the need to wax love water Meimei must tried many ways, pullingpain, redness and swelling will,

Direct curettage and because of the hair follicle becomes coarse, grownew hair thick uncomfortable!

Magic painless hair removal hair over the water in sponge crush many,specially designed double function,

A hair removal, the other side can help the skin to remove old waste horny,

When it is used to draw a circle the way to wipe, can remove thecluttered the miscellaneous wool, wool and body and joints of the oldhorny hypertrophy!

For the crowd

Any skin, both men and women

Product introduction

A very lovely gadgets, absolute safety, do not hurt the skin oh! The principle is, first ground, then go to the hair, to prevent direct shavingand make new hair grow thicker and harden!

The design is very user-friendly, has two faces, pink face -- face -- easyto hair, green lubricating skin, enjoy to bring you beautiful!

The baby is not a one-off products, can be repeatedly used, dirty or wet cloth can be washed after scrubbing. Do not use alkaline solvent cleaning, recommend the use of 1 cleaning a wash, otherwise it willaffect the use effect drops;

Oh dear skin sponge material, very soft, body hair removal painlessdrop, needs to be polished dear have patience (circle) can watch TVlisten to music while grinding Oh, normal is in the same position 1-3minutes can be polished to remove body hair!

Method of use

1, before use must first be determined using the skin avoiding situations.

2, please use the pink face with draw circlet way rotary friction in handsor legs thick (do not press the skin), the hair will gradually fall off;

3, when using, want to have patience, slowly rubbing, the same positiongrinding 1-3 minute appearance can remove body hair!

4, please use the green surface lubrication just shed the site, mode andpink hair removal surface like skin, brighten is finished, and then cast alotion, cream to soothe skin texture will be better.