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     The TGB International Limited is focusing on producing and selling all kinds of sponge like magic sponge, seaweed sponge, wood pulp sponge, bathroom sponge, car clearing sponge , underwear sponge, beauty sponge, industrial conductive sponge, filter sponge and waterproof cotton etc. At present the products have been widely used in automobiles, furniture, bedding, fitness equipment, shockproof packaging, decoration of public entertainment places and beauty salons etc. It also has a very powerful team of the core technology and marketing to satisfy different requirements of the customers for all categories of sponge.

     The ultimate idea of TGB International Limited is hoping that with the best quality, service and price it can sell the products to more counties and regions, and convey the idea of "Truth, Good, Beauty"(TGB for short) to every corner of the world.